No Black Friday Sale is live yet!!

Instead, Grammarly is offering a whopping 25% discount on its annual plan.


In 2023, the Grammarly Black Friday deal offered a flat 50% discount on its Premium plans, allowing users to get the plan for as low as $6/month. 

The deal was live for everyone, including students, writers, teachers, professionals, and more. But here’s a twist –Grammarly dropped the Black Friday offer only for ONE DAY!

Grammarly will announce the 2024 Black Friday deals in November, and we’re expecting to see similar or better deals this year, too. 

Continue reading ahead as we discuss all the details on what you should expect from this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals by Grammarly!

About Grammarly Black Friday Deals

In 2023, Grammarly wowed its users with a remarkable 50% discount on its monthly, quarterly, and annual premium plans on November 24th, 2023, for one day. 

Users could access the full suite of Grammarly’s advanced features at half the regular price. Here is a breakdown of last year’s deal:

PlanOriginal PriceDiscounted PriceSavings
Quarterly $60$30$30
Annual $144$72$72

However, as of 2024, Grammarly has not yet announced any specific Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals.

Despite the lack of a live Black Friday promotion, there’s still a way for you to save on Grammarly’s premium subscription. Currently, Grammarly is offering a 60% discount on its annual plan, allowing you to lock in long-term savings and enjoy the full benefits of the premium version.

Note: The post will be updated with the new Black Friday deal as soon as Grammarly announces the sales offer in November. 

How To Claim Grammarly’s Black Friday Deal?

While Grammarly’s Black Friday deals may not be live yet, you can still take advantage of the 60% discount on the annual plan. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you claim this exclusive offer:

Step 1. Go to Grammarly’s official website and click on the “Sign Up for Free” button. 

Grammarly Website- Click Sign up For Free

Step 2. Sign up for a Grammarly Free account using your email, password, and name. 

Sign up for a Grammarly Free account

Step 3. Now, your free account is created. Click the “Premium” option to upgrade your to a paid one. 

Click the “Premium” option

Step 4. Select the Premium plan and click “Get Started” 

Select the Premium plan & click “Get Started”

Step 5. Select the “Annual” option to claim the 60% discount. 

Select the “Annual” option

Step 6. Review the discounted price and complete the payment process to secure your Grammarly Premium subscription.

Complete The Payment Process

Once you complete the purchase, you will easily claim the 60% discount on Grammarly Premium. 

What Do You Get With Grammarly’s Black Friday Offer?

Even without an active Black Friday deal, Grammarly’s premium plan offers a comprehensive suite of features that can significantly enhance your writing experience. Some of the key benefits include:

  1. Advanced Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation Checks: Grammarly’s AI-powered technology ensures that your writing is free from errors, helping you communicate more effectively.
  2. Contextual Style and Tone Suggestions: Grammarly analyzes your writing style and tone, providing personalized feedback to help you improve your overall writing quality.
  3. Plagiarism Detection: Grammarly’s plagiarism checker scans your work for any unoriginal content, ensuring that your writing maintains the highest level of integrity.
  4. Vocabulary Enhancement: Grammarly suggests more sophisticated and impactful word choices, expanding your writing prowess.
  5. Generative AI: This AI-powered writing assistance feature allows you to generate and enhance text with up to 1,000 prompts in the premium plan.

Grammarly Pricing Plans

Grammarly offers three main pricing plans to cater to the diverse needs of its users:

Grammarly Pricing Plans
  1. Free Plan ($0/month): This plan provides basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation corrections, as well as 100 GrammarlyGo prompts per month.
  2. Premium Plan ($30/month or $12/month with the annual plan): This plan unlocks all the advanced features, including 1,000 GrammarlyGo prompts per month, plagiarism detection, and more. Grammarly Premium is also available quarterly at $20/month. 
  3. Business Plan ($15/month with the annual plan): This plan is designed for teams and organizations and offers additional features like style guides, brand tone management, and advanced analytics. It also extends the GrammarlyGO limit to 2,000 prompts. 

Is There Any Available Grammarly Discount?

If you don’t want to wait until the Black Friday deal, you can grab the existing 60% annual discount on Grammarly Premium. 

All you need to do is sign in and opt for the Premium plan. 

Note: The current discount is applicable only to the annual plan. 

Is There a Student Discount On Grammarly?

Grammarly doesn’t offer any separate discounts for students. Instead, they can subscribe to the free plan as long as they want. 

However, Grammarly ties up with educational institutes and schools through “Grammarly for Education.” If your institute has signed up with this program, you can contact them to use Grammarly’s premium version for free. 

About Grammarly Cyber Monday Deals

Grammarly’s Cyber Monday deals are not live yet, either. 

Last year, they didn’t offer Cyber Monday deals separately. Instead, it was a part of the Black Friday deal only. 

Conclusion: Get upto 60% Discount On The Annual Subscription of Grammarly

While the highly anticipated Grammarly Black Friday deals may not be live yet, there’s still an opportunity to save big on the premium plan. 

Users can take advantage of the 60% discount on the annual subscription and enjoy long-term access to Grammarly’s powerful writing tools at a fraction of the regular cost.

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or a content creator, Grammarly’s premium features can elevate your writing and help you communicate more effectively. So, don’t miss out on this chance to invest in your writing skills and productivity. 

Stay tuned for the latest updates on Grammarly’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers.

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