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June 22, 2024

Quillbot has emerged as an amazing AI-powered writing tool. However, the premium version comes with a price tag. 

Luckily, you can take advantage of Quillbot’s Black Friday sale this year and grab a 58% discount on the premium plans. 

In this article, I have shared all the details of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale of Quillbot 2024. I have also shared other active discounts that you can redeem.

Scroll ahead and get 58% off!

Quilbot Black Friday 2024 – Availability

Quillbot Black Friday 2024 will be available during the Thanksgiving festivities in November.

Quilbot Black Friday 2024
Source: QuillBot 

Since QuillBot has not announced any official discounts on its website or social media accounts, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact dates. 

However, based on last year’s sale, we can predict when the QuillBot Black Friday discount code 2024 will go live by November 2024.

Did Quillbot Offer A Black Friday Deals Last Year?

Quillbot Black Friday 2023 was available in November’s first week. The Discount was live until November 27th, 2023.

This year, new users looking to buy QuillBot Premium at Discounted Prices or old users looking forward to updating their membership on QuillBot can benefit from QuillBot Black Friday around the same time.

The QuillBot Black Friday Discount code is important as it helps you save 50% on QuillBot’s annual subscription plan.

Quilbot Discount Code 2024- Currently Available

If you do not want to wait until the first week of November 2024 for the QuillBot Black Friday Discount, here is how to save on QuillBot right now.

1. Quillbot Premium Free Trial

You can use QuillBot Premium for free. QuillBot offers a 3-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the features provided in the QuillBot Premium plan, you will receive the whole amount you paid back.

Quillbot Premium Free Trial
Source: QuillBot 

The 3-day money-back guarantee is the same as a free trial, as you get a full refund if you are unsatisfied. Opting for the money-back offer is like using the Premium features for free for 3 days.

Eligibility for QuillBot’s 3-day money-back guarantee: This guarantee is valid for new users who have not claimed a refund in the past.

2. Save 58%- Quillbot Discount

You can save 58% on QuillBot Premium by opting for the annual subscription plan. When you opt for the yearly plan, you avoid paying $239.4, which is the cost for 12 months when you opt for the monthly subscription of $19.95.

Save 58%- Quillbot Discount
Source: QuillBot 

The annual plan of Quillbot costs only $99.95, which means you will save 58.2% ($139.45) of the monthly plan cost every year.

Eligibility for QuillBot 58% savings offer- New users and old users.

3. Quillbot Offer-  Save 33%

Quillbot’s “Semi-Annual” plan will save you 33% of the cost compared to the monthly plan. Let me explain how!

Quillbot Offer-  Save 33%
Source: QuillBot

The QuillBot semi-annual plan, billed every 6 months, costs only $13.33 per month ($79.98), but the monthly plan is $19.95 per month ($119.7). This means that if you opt for the Semi-Annual plan, you will be saving $79.98 – $119.7 = $39.72 (33%).

Who can Claim Quillbot Discount Codes?

Quillbot Discount Codes are available for everyone who meets the criteria set by Quillbot for that specific offer or discount code. 

These criteria can vary depending on the following criteria- 

  • QuillBot offer for a new customer
  • QuillBot discount offers are for students
  • QuillBot promo for educators

Note— Please check the terms and conditions of each discount code in the help or terms and conditions section to see who is eligible to claim it.

Quillbot’s Features Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of 11 helpful features available with the QuillBot Premium.

  1. Paraphrase
  1. Unlimited custom and 9 predefined modes
  1. Synonym slider
  1. Unlimited freeze words
  1. 6,000 words in summarizer
  1. Plagiarism Checker (100 pages/month)
  1. Follows custom instructions
  1. Faster processing speed than the free version
  1. Premium recommendations
  1. Compare Modes
  1. Tone insights

Quillbot Pricing

Quillbot’s pricing model is easy to understand. Here is a quick table to help you determine which plan suits your needs and which plan of QuillBot will save you the most.

Quillbot PlansQuillbot PriceSaving in %Savings in USD
3-Day Money BackFreeFull amount refundFull amount

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Conclusion- Quillbot Black Friday Will Be Held In 1st Week Of November!

No official announcements are made on Quillbots’ website or any of its social media accounts. Based on last year’s Quillbot Black Friday, a 50% discount is predicted to be available this November.

If you want to stay informed about QuillBot Black Friday offers, I recommend you sign up for a free account and opt for their mailing list. This way, you will receive QuillBot discount codes delivered straight to your inbox.

However, QuillBot Black Friday is far away. If you do not wish to wait that long, you can use the information provided above to save 58% of your expenditure on QuillBot. 

Instead of waiting and wasting time, I would opt for the 58% or 33% savings options. I suggest you do the same. Do not wait around; subscribe to QuillBot’s annual plan today.


How to get QuillBot Premium discount?

You can get a QuillBot premium discount by checking for new offers on the official website, QuillBot’s social media, or by subscribing to emails.

Is QuillBot no longer free?

QuillBot’s basic version is free of cost.

How to get premium QuillBot for free?

You can use QuillBot premium for free for 3 days only. This is possible under the 3-day money-back guarantee scheme, which will refund the whole amount charged to your credit card.

Is QuillBot Premium worth it?

QuillBot premium is worth the money as it helps you improve your writing and save time by acting as your writing assistant with its paraphrasing modes, grammar checking, plagiarism checking, and content summarizing features.

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